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Early detection through inspections avoids costly repairs and implements preventive measures, leading to long-term savings for you or your business.



I selected this pest control company because of good recommendations I’ve heard from my colleagues. They arrived on time, worked quickly and efficiently. I’m more than happy with the results. We will definitely use them next year!

Katherine Williams
New York

I selected this pest control company because of good recommendations I’ve heard from my colleagues. They arrived on time, worked quickly and efficiently. I’m more than happy with the results. We will definitely use them next year!

Katherine Williams
New York

I selected this pest control company because of good recommendations I’ve heard from my colleagues. They arrived on time, worked quickly and efficiently. I’m more than happy with the results. We will definitely use them next year!

Katherine Williams
New York

What Is a Pest Inspection?

What Is a Pest Inspection?

A pest inspection {includes|involves|entails} a {search|hunt|look} for bugs and other {creatures|critters|organisms} that can {cause damage|lead to harm} to the {structure|framework} of your property, a health {hazard|risk|threat} or both. One {common|frequent|usual} structural {concern|issue|problem} is {caused by|due to} termites that {get|derive|obtain} their nutrients from the wood in your house, but {various|several|different} other bugs and rodents can also {cause problems|be problematic|lead to issues}.

What Does a Pest Inspection Entail?

A pest inspection {usually|typically|often} takes place {around|about|near} the same time as a home inspection or appraisal. {In fact|Indeed|Actually}, one of the {instances|times|situations} it might be required is when an appraiser {observes|notices|sees} signs of a potential pest problem. {However|But|Nevertheless}, homeowners can have pest inspections done {whenever|anytime|when} they’re {worried|concerned|anxious} they might have an issue.

{Typically|Usually|Generally}, pest inspection and mitigation services are {provided|offered|given} by the same {types|kinds} of companies that do extermination. If you {suspect|think|believe} a problem and you can {see|identify|spot} where it’s coming from, it may be {possible|feasible} to do some do-it-yourself inspection and mitigation. {However|But|Nonetheless}, this is {something|an aspect|a task} that’s {often|usually|typically} best left to pros. If your mortgage program requires a pest inspection, you will need to {hire|employ|engage} a professional.

With {limited|few} exceptions for {certain|specific} states and counties within states, you {usually|typically|normally} need a pest inspection if you’re getting a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) loan. One {notable|significant|important} exception is the VA Streamline (also known as an interest rate reduction refinance loan or IRRRL), unless an appraiser {thinks|believes|feels} there’s a problem.
Let’s {take|have|dive into} a deeper {dive|look|exploration} into what’s {involved|included|entailed} in the inspection next.

A {Thorough|Comprehensive|Detailed} Search for Any Infestations

A trained pest inspector will {look through|examine|inspect} the interior and exterior of your home for all {manner|types|kinds} of critters that could be a {hazard|threat|risk}. {Depending on|Based on|According to} the region you live in, these {include|comprise|consist of} but aren’t limited to the following:

• Subterranean and above-ground termites
• {Bedbugs|Bed bugs}
• Cockroaches
• Bees and other stinging insects
• Carpenter ants
• {Various|Different|Several} kinds of rodents
• Spiders
• Snakes
• Scorpions
• Moths
• Wood-destroying insects
Evidence of these critters can {include|comprise|consist of} {everything|items|things} from damaged wood to small {collections|gatherings|accumulations} of insect droppings or gnawing marks on furniture.

An Evaluation of Any Structural Damage

Insects and other pests {get into|enter|invade} your house {somehow|in some way}, {usually|typically|often} by {exploiting|taking advantage of|utilizing} and/or causing structural damage to your home. The inspector will {look for|search for|seek out} evidence of damaged floorboards, baseboards, walls, siding and more. After {rooting out|eliminating|getting rid of} the pests from their hiding place, the structural damage will {have to be|need to be} fixed.

A Detailed Pest Report

Once the inspector is done, they’ll {issue|provide|give} a pest inspection report that is {given|provided|offered} to the appraiser. {Although|Even though|While} states use different forms and there are pests they {look for|search for|seek} based on the climate, they do {share|have} some common elements.

Each inspection form will {give|provide|offer} a brief {overview|summary|description} of the pests found. They’ll also {discuss|talk about|mention} where they were found and any damage done. {Finally|Lastly|In the end}, they’ll go over necessary treatments.

Instructions for Treatment And Damage Repair

In most {instances|cases|situations}, the problem {needs|requires} to be treated and any damage {caused by|due to|resulting from} the infestation {needs|has} to be repaired to the satisfaction of the inspector before you can {move forward|proceed|continue} with the loan if the inspector or appraiser had previously noted the problem. {Effective|Efficient|Proper} treatment might {involve|include|entail} a simple one-time visit from an exterminator, or if more {intense|severe|serious} structural damage is found, a longer treatment plan may be {put in place|implemented|established}.

{Regardless|Nevertheless|Nonetheless}, they’ll do another inspection to {verify|confirm|ensure} that the problem has been {taken care of|resolved|addressed}.

How Long Does A Pest Inspection Take?

Most pest inspections {usually|typically|normally} take 30 minutes to an hour to {complete|finish|conclude}. {However|But|Nevertheless}, the actual length could be longer {depending on|based on|according to} what the inspector has to {look for|search for|check}, and the size and layout of the house. For example, if you have a crawlspace or attic that is {harder|more difficult|tougher} to access, that can take some {additional|extra|more} time.

The paperwork also {has to be|needs to be} sent to your mortgage company and that might take a day or two to {process|handle|deal with}. {Beyond|After|Following} that, if damage repair or mitigation is {required|needed}, it {depends|relies|is based} on how {quickly|fast|soon} you can get that scheduled. Once {completed|done|finished}, another inspection to confirm damage repair and eradication of the problem is {usually|typically|normally} necessary. But the {faster|quicker|sooner} you get the damage repaired, the {easier|simpler|more straightforward} it can be.

How Much Does A Pest Inspection Cost?

{According to|Based on|Per} HomeAdvisor, the average cost of a termite and pest inspection is about $100. {However|But|Nevertheless}, the cost can {vary|differ|change} {quite a bit|significantly|a lot} {depending on|based on|according to} the size of the home and what’s being {inspected for|looked for|checked for}. {Additionally|Moreover|Furthermore}, sometimes you might be able to get a {bundle|combined|package} deal if you also have a regular home inspection done with the same company.

With most loan options, it doesn’t {matter|count|make a difference} who pays for the pest inspection. The one that’s different is the VA, and that’s {important|significant|crucial} because it’s also the only loan where pest inspection is {typically|required|usually} required.
{Buyers|Purchasers|Homebuyers}, sellers or lenders can pay for a pest inspection under a VA loan in the {following|next|subsequent} states:

• Alabama
• Arkansas
• Arizona
• California
• Florida
• Louisiana
• Mississippi
• Oklahoma
• Texas

In the {remaining|other|rest of the} states and Washington, D.C., either the seller or lender {have to|must|need to} pay for the pest inspection on a VA loan.

Should I Get A Home Pest Inspection?

A VA loan termite inspection is {required|needed|mandatory} in many states. If your appraiser {notes|mentions|points out} signs of a pest problem, a pest inspection will be {necessary|required|needed}. If you do not get a pest inspection, you may not be able to {qualify|be eligible} for the mortgage.

{Beyond|After|Outside of} that, no one {wants|wishes|desires} to share their new home with {uninvited guests|intruders}, {particularly|especially|notably} if those guests have more than four legs. {Getting|Having|Obtaining} a pest inspection is {well worth it|worthwhile|valuable} for peace of mind alone. You’ll {feel|be} confident that your new home is a {clean|tidy|neat} and safe place to {live in|reside in|dwell in}.

Home Pest Inspection FAQs

Here are a few of the most {commonly|frequently|often} asked questions {regarding|about|concerning} home pest inspections.

Are pest inspections required?

There are a few {situations|circumstances|cases} in which a pest inspection may be required. If you are {applying|going} for a VA loan or if a home inspection {shows|displays|reveals} signs of a pest infestation, a professional pest inspection will {likely|probably|most likely} be required.

Who pays for a pest inspection?

In some {cases|situations|instances}, like VA loans, the seller may {cover|pay for} the cost of a pest inspection. {Otherwise|Alternatively|On the other hand}, if the buyer’s home inspector {notes|mentions|points out} signs of pests they may {decide|choose|opt} to get a pest inspection before {moving forward|proceeding|continuing} with the process.

The Bottom Line

A pest inspection will {help|assist|aid} {ensure|guarantee|make sure} that no {undesirable|unwanted|unpleasant} creepy crawly has made your home their own. This {relatively|comparatively|fairly} cheap inspection can be {necessary|required|essential} to get a mortgage in some {cases|situations|instances} and it’s also there to {give|offer|provide} you {reassurance|peace of mind|confidence} that the home you’re living in is {safe|secure} and sanitary.

We {hope|wish|desire} you {learned|gained|acquired} a little bit more about pest control. A pest inspection and a general home inspection are {always|consistently|constantly} important, but they can be {particularly|especially|notably} necessary when you’re {buying|purchasing|acquiring} a house that’s sold as-is.

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