Below you’ll find links to all our articles written since the website has been online. If you need to know more on a particular subject – please let me know. 

Killer bees
A basic primer on pesticides
A mouse in the house
A spider in the toilet
Ant lions
Ant lions and doodlebugs
Ants interesting facts
Ash and oak borer beetles
Bats getting them out
Bed bugs preventing the problem
Bees wasps interesting facts
Bees in their burrows
Beetles in dead trees
Beetles interesting facts
Beneficial flies
Birds can be pests
Black widows
Bugs in the pool
Butterflies moths interesting facts
Carpenter ants
Carpet beetles
Click beetles
Clothes moths
Cockroaches interesting facts
Cockroaches keeping them out
Cockroaches ultrasonic repellers
Collembola mites
Do ultrasonic boxes really work
Don’t let the bedbugs bite
Eating insects
European paper wasp
Exotic pest invaders
Fireflies lightning beetles
Fleas flea control
Fleas interesting facts
Frogs and toads
Galls on plants you mean thats an insect
Glassy winged sharpshooter
Glue traps how to deal with the glue
Gnats in the home
Good bugs bad bugs
Gophers to tolerate or to eliminate
Green pest control
Hantavirus and arenavirus
Helpful beetles
Identification of insects
Jumping spiders
Kissing bugs
Leaf cutting bees
Lerp psyllids on eucalyptus trees
Living with wildlife deer
Living with wildlife the skunk
Lizards in the garden
Midges by the millions
Mites so you think you have mites
Mosquitoes biology prevention
Mosquitoes interesting facts
Mosquitoes west nile virus
Moth pests of our food
Natures assassins assassin bugs
Non toxic pesticides unraveling the claims
Orb weaver spiders
Parasitic flies
People and lice
Predatory mites
Preventing problems with pests
Putting pesticides into perspective
Rats and human history
Red imported fire ants
Roadkill cafe its guests
Scale insects
Scary horntail wasps
Scorpions are they dangerous
Sharing house winter
Skeeter eaters
Snakes the non venomous ones
Spiders interesting facts
Stinging caterpillars
Stinkhorn mushrooms
Strange worms
Sun scorpions camel spiders
Swine flu aids mosquitoes
Termites interesting facts
Termites termite baiting for control
Termites the drywood termite
Termites the formosan termite
The bagrada stinkbug
Termites understanding termite basics
The flies that ambush the robber flies
The mole
The solitary wasps
The violin spider brown recluse
Those boring beetles
Ticks lyme disease
Using pesticides properly
Weeds in your yard a basic primer
White grubs weevils
White footed ant
Why do cluster flies cluster
Wood mulch and termites
Yellowjackets wheres the meat