Ants Interesting Facts

Common expressions using ants:Got ants in your pants? As common as ants at a picnic. As industrious as ants. Weaver Ants in Asia use their larvae as sewing machines. The larvae produce silk on command, and the worker ants move the larva back and forth on the edges of leaves they have pulled together, creating […]

Antlions – Interesting Facts

As a child my parents were into nature and the living things there. We didn’t just learn that it was a Blue Jay, but we learned something about the lives of Blue Jays. We collected shells in tide pools along the Pacific Coast and learned about all the other sea life in those pools of […]

A Spider in the Toilet

We must be very careful, in this country, to separate fact from fiction, particularly when making decisions that may affect our lives and our livelihoods. For many reasons people may begin circulating false stories that are frightening and emotional, and are easy for us to believe because they are worded to cleverly as to seem […]

“Killer” Bees – Intresting Facts

To learn more about insects visit our website at One case where the Myth certainly is larger than the Truth is with respect to the so-called “Killer Bee”. Prior to its arrival in the United States in 1990 this aggressive strain of our common Honeybee was known to be moving closer and closer to […]

A Mouse in the House

The lowly House Mouse – my goodness but there have been a lot of images placed before us about this little rodent. While some of them may already be going through your mind’s eye, let me offer a few that I can remember. Mighty Mouse – fighting the forces of evil Mickey Mouse – that […]

A Basic Primer on Pesticides

A word certainly familiar to any person, and yet what do you really know about pesticides? You are constantly bombarded with news articles about them – generally in a negative way. You are occasionally asked to vote on issues about them – generally to further restrict them. And, you are exposed to them every day! […]

Bed Bugs – Preventing the Problem

The Common Bed Bug definitely is “back”, and daily there may be dozens of news media articles related to this blood feeding parasite. From its rare occurrence into the 1990’s the bed bug now is routinely reported throughout the United States and Canada, and in such locations as theaters, schools, buses, offices, and upscale clothing […]